Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crystal Dragonfly Tutorial

36" fishing line (no larger than .011 dia)
23 4mm clear crystals
1 4mm pink crystal
2 4mm black crystals
1 4mm red crystal
1 6mm crystal roundell
1 clear or pink seed bead
4 6mm tear drops (or possibly 8mm)

1. String seed bead to center of line.

2. Bring both lines together and string 1 pink, 7 clear, roundell.

3. Separte lines, string 1 clear and criss cross line, so line goes in both sides and comes out both sides. Pull so crystal nestles evenly into roundell.

4. Separate line and string 1 clear to each side.

5. Repeat step 3

Picture of steps 3, 4, and 5 completed.

6. Repeat step 4,3

7. Repeat step 4 using black crystals.

8. Repeat step 3 using red crystal.

9. Repeat 4,3 clear crystals

10. Repeat 4,3 using clear crystals

11. Repeat 4, 3 using clear crystals
12. Repeat step 4, using clear crystals.
13. Separate lines and feed through each side of crystal closest to roundell. (This will pull body together against tail)

14. Separate lines and string 2 teardrops to each side.

15. Separate lines and string through each side of red crystal. (This will pull wings in and nestle into gaps on side of body)

16. String line through other crystals on body to tighten then tie off.

Wallllaaaa...You have yourself a Dragonfly.

Incase pictures are hard to look at, due to string shadows. I also made up an illustrated version.

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